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A fascinating erotic smorgasbord by Japan's premier hentai creator, Starless: Nyphomaniacs' Paradise is a wonderful feast of erotic 2D visuals.

When Yukito finds an amazing part-time job at a mysterious mansion that pays $35,000 for just two weeks of work, it seems too good to be true.

In his new position he must service the women who live in the mansion sexually. Every day there’s a new fetish to explore, each one more perverted than the last.

When the innocent Yuuna arrives, ready to start a similar job as a “servant” in the mansion, Yukito must decide if he should allow this pure girl to be defiled, or risk everything to help her escape.

The newest erotic visual novel by Sei Shoujo, creator of Bible Black, Discipline and Cleavage!


~ Maria Mamiya ~

The mistress of the mysterious Mamiya Manor.Having lost her wealthy husband many years ago, she consoles herself by playing with the servants she hires to work in the mansion as sexual slaves. Appearing young for her age, she carefullymanages her beauty.

~ Marika Mamiya ~

The eldest daughter of the Mamiya family, she shares her mother’s elegant manner as well as her love of sex. A kind girl, she often takes the role of friend and ally when things start to get bizarre in the mansion. But she possesses a secret,something most other girls don’t have.

~ Marisa Mamiya ~

The younger daughter of the Mamiya family.She can be cold and cruel even as she bringsgreat pleasure. She’s known to be self-centered and loves to relieve stress by using the servantsof the mansion.

~ Sachie Asagiri ~

Another servant at the Mamiya Manor, she is your senpai, and always does her best to show you the ropes so you don’t feel too lost. She wants one thing from her role at the mansion, and that’s money. She’s a good person, but when her financial life is threatened she can change in a heartbeat.

~ Mikako Nonohara ~

Another servant at Mamiya Manor, Mikako is a married woman who lives in the mansion with her son. She’s more or less a hostage, unable to leave the mansion until her husband earns enough money to pay their debts to the Mamiyas.

~ Makoto Nonohara ~

The son of Mikako, he’s living as a servant at the mansion, the same as you, and is often called to perform sexual acts with Mamiya family and their friends. He’s a very eager worker, always eager to please and be pleased.

~ Yukari Kimijima ~

One of Marie’s few friends, Yukari is a fabulously rich woman who relieves stress through her bizarre sexual fetishes. She has a perverse nature that’s second only to Marie.

~ Francesca Maty ~

Another friend of Marie’s, she’s a wealthy woman with extravagant sexual tastes, which she explores alongside Yukari. A foreigner, she has an affinity for using male sperm as a way of preserving her youthful appearance.


The limited edition includes a deluxe game box, the game on DVD-ROM and a 62 pages artbook.

Available from JAST USA in both Digital Download and Package Edition versions

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